Do you have trouble with pitch? Do you have a soft voice? Do you have trouble singing high notes? Is your breathing correct? Do you get hoarse after singing? Does your voice break? Do you want to just improve your singing?

What you're looking for is voice technique. Good vocal technique enables you to overcome all of these problems and more. Good technique enables you to sing in a way you only dreamed you could.

With vocal lessons you will learn and correct all of the above issues. Niagara Rock Academy has found that recording the vocal lessons has made his students produce and improve at double the speed. "It is one thing for someone to direct you with your pitch and technique and tell you what you are doing wrong. When the student hears it and starts to correct it on their own after hearing it back, that's when the big change happens." Turn your dreams of singing into reality!

Niagara Rock Academy has a very flexible schedule so you can book a lesson when it’s most convenient for YOU! Private lessons allow students the opportunity to learn in a relaxed & positive environment. Sessions are tailored to meet each student’s needs and requirements. Each teacher has experience playing in bands and live venues.

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